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The Bharat Beard Club Membership comes with responsibility & pride & great Rewards.

The Yearly Membership Program includes the below Benefits & Services

  • ​A welcome kit consisting of BBC T-shirt & Beardo Goodies.

  • Stay for 2 Nights & 3 days at the BBC Bi-Annual Meet in India.

  • Discount on Royal Brothers WebSite 

  • Discount at over 10,000 Restaurants across India.

  • Discount on Royal Stache  WebSite.

  • Discount at RAD Studios - Bhopal

  • Invites to All Events of BBC

  • Opportunity to Sign a Modeling Contract with BBC.

  • Opportunity to Do Business with BBC Members.

  • Chance to serve Society at a larger level.

  • Monthly meets ups with BBC members.

  • Meet Like-Minded People 

1. Men with Beard Only

Bharat Beard Club FB Group is only for Men with Beard, No Matter the Religion, Caste or Creed

2. Respect Women

Being a Man is just not about growing a Beard, but be respected in Society is also Important. No Member shall ever be involved in an activity related to Women's Harassment

3. Be Aware & Make a Difference

Being Aware of your surroundings and acting in an adequate manner is the way to life. Choose wisely

4. Well Groomed

A Bharat Beard Club Member will always be Well Groomed, Not just the beard but the entire self

5. Being Fit

Fitness is way of life, Be Fit - Be Bearded

6.Have Fun in Life

Being Monotonous is Boring,..... It's Never too late to Have fun

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