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Every Bearded man has been there. He takes an interest in dressing better, joyously begins wearing cotton  and selvedge denim. He learns the rakishness of layering with sweaters and outerwear. Then something unforeseen and terrible happens. SUMMER comes.

Dressing well and taking care of that Beard can become a task in the heat, can feel so intimidating it seems impossible. As the rising mercury steals away the beautiful  weather of Bengaluru our advances in personal style come to a grinding halt. How can you dress well when first and foremost you have to dress to stay comfortable?  How can you build multiple outfits if the only items you can wear are shirts, shorts, and shoes?

Well…. Few Styling Tip by Bangalore Beard Club for Bearded Men.



Shorts are a casual piece of menswear – No arguments. You wear them because of the heat in summer, for comfort and as break from the restraints of trousers. Plus, they are offer a playful look to an otherwise ‘standard’ outfit.The big rule regarding shorts: they must not be worn in a corporate setting or in a formal environment (think weddings, funerals, formals and black tie).

Cotton shorts or denims / board shorts paired with floral printed shirts and sneakers or espadrilles are good to it. Accessorizing yourself with the right kind of jewelry helps to enhance your style. Light shaded aviators or reflectors are always a good team up .


Untitled design (13).png

T-shirts are awesome casual topwear. Agree? They look so cool, sporty and are versatile too. For casual and semi-casual settings, they are the most comfy and stylish pieces that can be paired according to your preferences and style sensibilities. Whether you are going to a music concert, chilling at home on a weekend, taking a stroll to a nearby mall or going for vacations, t-shirts are ultimate choices. And, for men these are definitely the biggest closet staples. With t-shirts, you can even wear your different moods on different days. If you are in a happy mood, graphic or digital printed t-shirts are the right choice, for a sophisticated style, go for plain collared ones.

Different patterns in T-shirts can be a round neck, V neck. U neck, Henley, Polo etc..Accessorizing it with a hat in summer helps to block the sun’s rays as well as gives a trendy look. Sleeveless tees paired up with light coloured shorts are anytime a trendsetter and accessorized with a sling bag

Business Casuals

Walking out for a meeting suited up on a sunny  morning would leave you perspiring by the time you have reached your workplace. Business casuals does sounds like an oxymoron.At most companies, however, the “business casual” dress code encourages

employees to project a “professional, business-like image while enjoying the advantage of more casual and relaxed clothing.Appropriate business casual dress typically includes slacks or khakis, dress shirt, open-collar or polo shirt, optional tie or seasonal sport coat a tailored blazer, knit shirt or sweater, and loafers or dress shoes that cover all or most of the foot.

Harem Pants / Joggers 

Untitled design (14)

Some men believe that starting the day off with exercise, a fresh cup of coffee, a steaming shower and the perfect shave makes all the difference. Not us! We’d rather keep hitting snooze until brunch beckons us out of bed. Which we’d preferably eat while still dressed in our pajamas and then chillax in those all day. Unfortunately we’re not in a tax bracket that allows us to dress like Hugh Hefner, but a small consolation is that menswear now has a new pants option – joggers. The clincher – they’re so comfortable you’ll question whether you should be wearing them outside of the house. (You should).

Harem pants are India’s gift to the world of Men & Women dressing, the dhoti also known as pancha, mardani or veshti is a traditional men’s garment worn in our country. Perfect for Traveling, Yoga or just walk down the road. It comes in various colours and pattern and the best part is its Unisex, so you and your Girl can both share one.


Well that’s it from us at the club right now, do right to us about how you feel about the blog, what you liked, what you didn’t like and what can we change about.

Do Suggest us the topic for our next blog. Enjoy Summer….



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