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Man & His Mark

As the ancient ritual of marking ones body for various reasons including Slaves, Warriors, Medicine man, Criminals etc have changed to a different outcome all together.Earlier the ink was forced to show respect to the gods, as form of punishment or treat illness, but now tattoo is more of style statement then anything else.

In India ,we have our very own history on tattoo’s. Tribes in the northern mountain states use tattoo’s as sign of their tribe, every tribe has their own distinct mark. In the Western Desert state of India – Rajasthani women were marked with a tattoo of their skill, such as weaver or a potter will be marked with a sign that  they associate. This would help in finding an appropriate life partner.  In Tamilnadu permanent tattoos are called “Pachakutharathu”. The word tattoo is believed to have originated from the Samoan word “Tatau“. It’s a ritual that has changed as per the times and evolved in way which is much acceptable in the society we live.

Earlier it was “Tall Dark & Handsome” for Men, but now its “Tall Bearded & Tattooed”

If Beard is a Lifestyle then Tattoo is a marker which an individual chooses based on his experiences in life, good and bad memories, relation, memories of lost ones etc…

Tattoos range from just a sq inch to even a whole body cover up. Just like beards, you start off with a small tattoo and one day may land up with a full body art.  Selecting the right design  is always a tough task to do. The tattoo fonts and names designs are getting very trendy among youths as well as aged. Hence, proper selection is necessary in order to show your feelings, passion and love. There are tattoo designs which are inspirational, dedication, showing love, respect and honor, message giving tattoos, tattoos showing attitude to live or ones norms etc

Few styles that we would recommend our fellow bearded men are Old School,

Geometrical, Dot Work, Water Colors, Portraits & Scenery.

Writing names of your Girlfriend is a BIG NO NO. Don’t do it until you put a RING on it.

TIPS for your next Ink

The first step people say is finding the right design, we would say first find the right artist to do it. If Tattooing is an art and your body a canvas, then the artist you choose should know you and your body both well.  At the Bangalore Beard Club,  we have Karthik Bengre who is the official tattoo artist & member for BBC and runs Sculp Tattoo.

Don’t just copy some one’s design from the net or from your friend circle. Use its as an inspiration and come up with your own design taking help from the artist. A True Tattoo Maker is a designer first and then a man with the Drill Machine.

You can get a tattoo done in hundreds of art styles, varying from artist to artist, but a few really stand out as memorable. Some are steeped in a complex historical past, while others seem to have no rhyme and reason at all, and simply popped up out of nowhere!


A Man with Tattoo’s prefers his women with Ink and Vice Versa. A Bearded Man with Tattoo’s, Grey jog pants and Black tee shirt is as irresistible as Bradpitt himself and without the clothes he is like Almighty THOR in Bed.

Tattoo’s are not a taboo anymore in the stiff Indian society & the corporate world. According to tattoo artists in Bengaluru, not only has the number of clients almost doubled in five years, their profile has gone beyond musicians and bikers. Now, IT professionals, entrepreneurs, bankers, doctors and teachers, especially those between 20 and 40 years, are sporting them.The rise in the number of tattoo studios is proof of the sub-culture becoming popular culture.


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