The membership is a selective process. To become a member, you need to –

  • Grow and maintain one of the many styles of Beards. Be committed to your beard.
  • Be willing to be an active member of the club by helping out as and when needed.
  • Be willing to associate with and carry out charitable ventures for the club.
  • Promote the club and its work on all forums.
  • Good social media presence on Facebook & Instagram.

The Club Organises various Events Like BeardoThon & The Distinguish Gentleman’s Ride to raise Funds & create awareness on Men’s Health & Cancer.

The club has 6 basic rules, as under –

  • Grow a beard and then we shall talk.
  • Grow it ever; shave it never.
  • Care for your beard; and the beard will care for you.
  • Be a bearded man and respect women.
  • Be generous; a little charity never killed nobody.
  • Bearded life; it’s the way for a select few.

You can check out our event updates and details of other happenings at  Facebook, Instagram & also our Web PAge

Patience is the main key to sport a bad ass beard!

  • Have Patience – It’ll take most guys about a month to grow out a full beard, over-shaping it in the early days until you can see what you’ve got going on. (Do use a trimmer to make sure the hairs are all even in length, though).
  • Accept The Itch -A new beard can feel like “a cactus poking your skin” says Olvera, but the prickly sensation subsides after a week, so stay tough. It helps to brush the hair so everything grows in the same direction.
  • Wash That Shit – It’s hair, so you need to clean it or dirt can get trapped underneath. Wash your beard in the shower every day, just like your hair. Try a gentle Beard Wash and conditioner.
  • Oiling & Greasing – Hair that’s supple lays flat and won’t scratch your girlfriend. Oil your beard twice a day with some good beard oil for shine and to keep skin underneath moisturized.
  • Avoid Hard Lines – A beard shouldn’t end at your chin. Let the hair grow naturally up to about an inch or two above your Adam’s apple.

A daily grooming routine and a monthly barber shop visit will do your Beard wonders.

Beard oil, beard wash, conditioner, beard comb, beard dryer, scarf to cover your beard while riding a bike.

To connect with us through our web page, click here or get in touch with us directly at info@www.bharatbeardclub.com.